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Pizza Delivery Logo Template

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First published on Stocklogos on Fri, 09/12/2014.

This free logo has a story. It’s a logo I created and posted on the extinguished Stocklogos.
It’s not been said, but I’m quite sure they couldn’t manage the site clonations and graphic thielves anymore.
Indeed, this is a stolen design story.

In the past, someone stoled my designs a few times (not always the final customer, but the designer the customer asked the work to be done). So I had to contact them, telling them I discovered they were using my work without paying for it, proving it by confronting the publishing time on Stocklogos and the publishing time of their sites, etc.
Sometimes they paid. Sometimes they refused, so I had to denounce the abuse to their hosting company, that erased the stoled contents.
But now Stocklogos is dead. I still have some self share posts about the period I pubblished the logo, but it doesn’t matters by this time. This logo has been repeatedly pinned and shared and stolen too. It’s everywhere. I’m happy you liked, I’m little bit less happy I worked for nothing. So now it’s all yours. It’s free, everyone can download it. You welcome.

This unique logo features a chef riding a bike with two pizzas instead of the wheels, to represent a food delivery service. Suitable for take away and delivery pizzerias, pizzarias, restaurants, catering, bakery, speedy food places, forum and blog, kitchen courses.


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